On a portfolio shoot with renowned interior designer Mary Barber Fray

I saw a great quote on Twitter the other day courtesy of @eskimon. It read “People don’t want more content; they want better content. Add value not volume.”  In a digital age this is so true and it doesn’t just apply to words, but visual content too.

I have helped businesses in all sectors improve their visual identity through high quality photography. However, one of my particular areas of speciality is high-end interiors; both for hotels and restaurants and also for private clients and designers. I recently completed a portfolio piece for renowned Midland’s designer, Mary Barber Fray, who appeared in the Telegraph’s 2013 list of ‘20 best interior designers in Britain‘.

According to Mary’s website she is renowned for her “… innate sense of style and space, her passion for colour, and a meticulous eye for detail.” Fortunately I am somewhat of a perfectionist myself, so we set to work dressing the rooms, straightening pictures, ironing out creases and plumping cushions – a laborious yet necessary element of any interiors photo shoot.

Many hours later, here are some of the results:

Mary Barber Fray Interior Design - Study

Mary Barber Fray Interior Design - Girls Bedroom

Mary Barber Fray Interior Design - Snug

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