Welcome to Prince George of Cambridge

Unless you have been living on the moon for the past week, you have probably noticed that a certain Royal baby has been born!

Having spent hours waiting patiently outside St Mary’s hospital in Paddington, the hoards of press photographers finally got their first snaps of William, Kate and His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. A special moment in history forever captured in the couple’s happy smiling faces.

Whilst the World’s press watched and waited, I was busy capturing my own snapshots in history – for a lovely couple and their three month old daughter in Leeds and then later in the week for a family and their three week old son (aptly named George) in a leafy suburb of London.

Although unlikely to be future Monarchs, both babies were just as special and it struck me that my job as a baby photographer is all about bottling up the goods parts of new parenthood and storing them for future enjoyment. Time moves quickly, but memories – and images – last forever.

You can view my baby and toddler photography portfolio at www.charlottegalephotography.com/portfolio

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