Children’s photography … how to avoid getting ripped off!

Parenthood is a magical time in one’s life and as children grow up so fast, a professional photo shoot can be a great way of preserving memories for the future. However, as many new parents discover, it is an experience which can often leave a larger than anticipated hole in your wallet.

A free or discounted studio shoot may sound like a fantastic way of capturing those special moments and can also be a tempting gift from a friend or relative. However, the reality is that some more unscrupulous studios then make up the lost revenue by selling parents expensive photo packages after the event, often using overly aggressive sales techniques which can leave people feeling pressurised into buying something they can’t afford.

This informative and somewhat shocking article on MSN Money delves deeper into the problem and makes an interesting read for any parent considering getting their children photographed. It also highlights the virtues of commissioning an independent photographer, who may charge more realistically for their time initially, but is also likely to be upfront about the price list from the start.

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